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As Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Oyo, on behalf of the Priests, Religious and Laity of the diocese, I welcome you to this site. I hope your visit enriches you in soul and spirit. Please evangelize others with us through this and other means with by which you can contribute to our effort. Peace be with you and may God bless you always!

Antibiotics are medicines that are used in infections with bacteria. There are bactericidal / bactericidal antibiotics and bactereristic / bacteria-inhibiting antibiotics.

Penicillin was the first antibiotic. Alexander Flemming discovered this substance in a fungus. Since then, many more antibiotics have been discovered. They are nowadays a standard treatment for diseases caused by bacterial infections. You can read more about OTC antibiotics online at Antibiotics are prescribed in the form of tablets, capsules, cream / ointment and injections. Antibiotics can sometimes have side effects. These differ per antibiotic.

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“Story, story! Story!!
Once upon a time! Time Time!!”
So an elder gathered the children under the bright moonlight. They had come from the various homes in the village. Sitting in a semi-circle, he settled on a stool in front them, his voice rose as he narrated the heroics of Akinkunmi, a courageous man who led the hunters of their village in battle, when they were being ravaged by their neighbours. At the end of the story, the old man shook his head with a smile as he raised his hand Read More
The Story, The Storyteller and The Storytelling

The Holy Father brings back to memory an important aspect of our growing up, especially before the arrival of the social media. What a great privilege it is, to reflect on what really constitute oral tradition on this 54th World Communications Day with the theme “That you may tell your children and grandchildren” Exodus 10:2. Life becomes History. This reflection is necessary for everyone, as we all are meant to examine our attitude based on how we tell stories about Read More

People of God , we worship God again today as his beloved people on this Solemnity of the Ascension. The Church celebrates the Ascension forty days after the Resurrection of Jesus. He was lifted up to heaven and his disciples gazed after him until the angels told them: “Why gaze in wonder at the heavens? This Jesus whom you saw ascending into heaven will return as you saw him go” (Acts 1: 1-11). That is what the Church celebrates today. To the faithless mind, grounded only in the Read More