Posted on: 2015-11-14

Family is under threat 

African traditional family values are established on a deep sense of God. Human life is therefore highly respected and family values cherished, especially those which are confirmed by Christianity. Inspired by Christianity, Africans hold life as sacred and hold the standard understanding of the family as the ideal with regard to the role of father, mother and children. Such values are now under great pressure from an international conspiracy of lobbies. These claim to work for a new global ethic trying to redefine cultural values through decadent western policies based on individualistic and hedonistic premises. These assumptions seek to force legislations in Africa to favour more relativist and affluent living for fewer people rather than providing for the larger traditional human family. There is a certain arrogance in this Western attitude which attempts to dictate even what class of people deserve to live and those who do not. The African world view rejects such arbitrary and anti-family values which give even the possibility of killing others merely to be able to live better. It essentially believes in the principle of “I am, because we are, the more we are, the merrier for me”


African culture is life-generating

People do not choose to be barren or childless in Africa. It is generally difficult to accept and is sometimes regarded as a curse in Africa, except with individuals dedicated to a religious or special cult. It is in this light that the Catholic Priesthood and Religious Life can be collocated. Policies that seek to promote gay unions or homosexuality will therefore always be hard to sell because they are unproductive and bear no children. The image of the African adult surrounded by his children especially in old age is still an authentic sign of divine blessings till this day in contrast to the Western model of disposable conceptions.


Solutions are possible

It is necessary to build and strengthen alliances and networks for unveiling harmful conspiracies and for preserving and sustaining family values across the world. Distance should not be a barrier. A major challenge is that not all Christians emphasize same aspects of the same Christian family values. The difficulty to speak with one voice in this regard needs to be overcome. The world would benefit greatly from a measure of consensus on the general principles of the Gospels concerning the family.