Posted on: 2016-12-24

Christmas challenges

Christmas is Christ and Christ is Christmas. There is no other reason for the season. Unfortunately Christmas seems to be the most maligned celebration now in Christendom. An increasing number of preachers, Pastors scientists and politicians seem bent on taking the joy out of Christmas or even on taking Christmas out of lives altogether. Such people now oppose the very celebration and meaning of Christmas, demanding to be shown where it is written in the Bible that Christmas be celebrated. Asking such ridiculous questions in sugar-coated terms, they mislead many weak hearts. Such ridiculous questions actually deserve equally ridiculous answers, like asking the questioner to indicate where the Bible ever stated that we clean our teeth, go to toilet or even eat 3 times a day. Such people who celebrate their own birthday, chieftaincy titles, graduation ceremonies and other life landmarks should really not be taken seriously when they challenge the celebration of Christmas. Their effort should be exposed for what it really is, to disestablish God from society and entrench an atheistic environment which pretends to welcome God while ordering him to “stay off the lawn of life”. It is a shame that a pro-life feast like Christmas which favors the family, children, love and peace should be derided. That calls for concerted action by true Christians to be alert and keep Christmas where it belongs, right at the centre of salvation history.

Defaming the family

Few people would deny that ours is a fragmented, injured and bleeding world which needs comprehensive rehabilitation. It is simply not possible to do that without strengthening families which are the basic cell of every society in the family. Unfortunately, even the United Nations, (UN) probably the most powerful “democratic” organization in the world today has long haboured and nurtured anti life and anti-family interests which are in recent times making frightening progress. One of such is the recent vote on the appointment of an independent expert on sexual orientation and identity. This expert would have an office and funds for the infamous job of promoting the so-called rights of gay, bisexual transgender and other modern anti-family ideologies. Family Watch International is one of the few organizations who keenly watch the activities of the UN in order to alert people of goodwill to the ongoing imbroglio and mobilize resistance to them. I think that all people of goodwill need to read its recent report, which I include below:

I regret to inform you that we lost a close vote at the UN General Assembly Monday to defer the appointment of the new independent expert on sexual orientation and gender identity. (Sexual orientation and gender identity is another way of officially prioritizing and promoting homosexuality and lesbianism)  This time there were 77 nations supporting the deferral, 84 voting against it, and 16 countries abstaining from the vote. The repercussions from this defeat will be quite stark. The appointed “expert,” Vitit Muntarbhorn, has already shown that he is going to try to use his mandate to pressure countries into advancing LGBT rights and even wants to ban therapy for those who struggle with their unwanted same-sex attraction or their gender identity. He plans to recommend that the educational systems in every country mainstream controversial concepts of sexual “rights” and lifestyles, and we can be certain that he will be promoting radical comprehensive sexuality education. (That simply means enforcing contraception, abortion, and gay culture in our schools).

 Some good news

But there is some good news amidst this really bad news. First of all, concerned citizens and groups around the world joined together with us to make our concerns known. We had thousands of individuals and organizations from all across the world sign our letter to UN ambassadors. The groups alone that signed represent over 4 million people! We will be inviting many of the organizations that supported our campaign to join our UN Family Rights Caucus that will make our voice for life and family at the UN even stronger. The fact that 77 nations voted for the deferral means there is absolutely no consensus on this highly controversial mandate and that it is highly divisive. It also means that at least 77 countries were willing to stand up and defend their rights as sovereign nations. We will be working with many of these countries directly to limit the harm Mr. Muntarbhorn can do. 

The representative for Burkina Faso, speaking for the African countries, said there is no consensus among States for these concepts and asked how such a mandate could be carried out if there is no agreed upon and established framework for it. The African Group had proposed the amendment to defer the mandate. The Africans expressed regret that the amendment had been defeated and then took the very significant step of disassociating the African countries from Human Rights Council resolution 32/2 that established the mandate for an LGBT expert. While we have lost this round, moving forward, Family Watch will be closely monitoring the independent expert’s actions and reports. We will provide a detailed analysis of them to the countries that are pressured by him and give suggestions for actions they can take.  


The report of Family Watch International is clear about the serious threats facing the family. Even as we celebrate Christmas everyone should be concerned and vigilant in looking out for signs in government policies and social movements that undermine our cultural and spiritual values on marriage and the family. Christmas is our evidence that the family has done nothing but good all through human history as God’s preferred tool for world rehabilitation. It is in the interest of us all to preserve it.