Headline: Our Feast and Faith in Christ the King

Posted on: 2014-11-19

The conspiracy of evil

Nigerians today find themselves further up the road to Golgotha, a road strewn with, suffering, sadness, exploitation, corruption insensitivity and even death. When the walls of evil close in and tribulations come from all sides, what can the just do? Nigeria languishes today under many vices. Now, the pervasive culture of death, or better still the culture of murder, nurtured by a substructure of sin and immoral Western culture is invading even the most sacred of relationships and institutions like the family, religion and culture. Unrepentant, unrestrained personal and social sinfulness eventually provokes a loss of the sense of the sacred, disdain for the rule of law, arbitrariness and impunity and eventually institutionalizes criminality and indiscipline in high and low paces. It does not help at all to hear that similar vices are also found in some other countries nor does it make the situation any less deadly.

Ascendancy of the culture of murder

Diminished respect for the sanctity of human life in Nigeria has enabled the aggressive advancement of the army of death who advertise all sorts anti-life measures as desirable and even necessary. These advertise various artificial family planning methods, euthanasia, legalized abortion and unrestrained contraception for children and adults alike as means to a better quality of life. They get so bold as to attack religion and culture as obstacles in the way of modernization and liberalization of  the rights of women. Much of what they do, however. is glorified murder through the poison they sell. If you thought that Boko Haram killers and suicide bombers are the only terrorists around in Nigeria today, seek awareness!. Terrorists in an even greater measure are the promoters of these means which truncate human life at any levels. Sadly, those who are responsible for protecting human life and dignity in our Nigeria have also abandoned that sacred duty and rather sound like Biblical Cain: "Am I my brother's keeper"?  

Politicians proliferating death

As elections draw near in Nigeria security agencies denounce the huge amount of illegal arms in circulation in the country. Obviously, many powerful people strongly believe that "might is right". Conveniently they forget the Biblical wisdom that those who live by the sword will die by the sword.(Mt. 26:51-52). It seems immaterial to them that the psalms warn: "Some boast of chariots, some of horses; but we boast in the name of the Lord our God. Their forces will collapse and be crushed, but ours shall rise and stand firm" (Ps.20:8-9). This "arms race" is not so new after all. it was only overshadowed at some point by other vices competing for primacy like kidnapping, political thuggery and collapsing infrastructure. Now that political activities have been revived, arms proliferation has taken its primacy back. So, many ask "Whither bound Nigeria"?

Our hope in Christ the eternal King  

This is the situation in which once again we celebrate the solemnity of Christ as King and Lord of the Universe, the good, the bad and the ugly of it. Jesus' Kingship is undeniable. The Archangel Gabriel declared at the annunciation: "of his kingdom, there shall be no end: (Lk 1; 330). Jesus himself declared that all powers in heaven and on earth had been given to him (Mt 28:10). The celebration and the traditional Catholic procession all over neighborhoods, towns and villages reminds all that Jesus reigns as king not only over individual souls and private lives but also over families, societies, nations and rulers. in the book of Revelation, St. John speaks of his vision of the twenty four elders who worship before the One who lives forever and ever. They lay their crowns before him and say: "Our Lord and God, worthy are you to receive glory, honor and power! For you have created all things; by your will they came to be and were created" (Rev 4: 9-11). Christians believe that Christ is that Lamb who was made worthy according to John. He is however a king who claimed the right to his sovereignty through blood, not power or riches for his own is a messianic kingship.

Whence come then our salvation?

All this sounds great but how long must we wait? The words of the Christian hymn rhymes relevant: "Christ come quickly, there's danger at the door. poverty aplenty, hearts gone wild with war. There's hunger in the city and famine on the plains. Come Lord Jesus the light is dying, the night keeps crying: 'Come lord Jesus'". But it is at such despairing times that we must remember that evil does have its limits and that Jesus will reign as king over all. So the toughest of times call for the virtue of patience. Would Abraham and Sarah have ever had Isaac if they had not been patient? Would Joseph have become a ruler over so many had he not patiently endured cruelty from his brothers, the shame of false accusation and imprisonment?. Would Job have become the Master of perseverance in the eyes of the world without patience? Yes, indeed, on the Lord whom we believe is the eternal king we must patiently wait. "Keep calm before the Lord, wait for him in patience; do  not fret if others succeed when they carry out evil schemes...Remember this; the wicked will perish, but those who hope in the Lord will inherit the land" (Ps 36: 7-9). Therefore our salvation comes from that capacity to patiently wait on God of whom the Bible declares that his arms are not too short to deliver those who trust in him. Yes the time of the righteous will surely come as surely as dawn follows the night but until then we pray for the grace of patience.