Headline: Report on the proposed Pro-Life/ Family Life Conference

Posted on: 2015-01-20

Report on the proposed Pro-Life/ Family Life Conference


The task of organizing this Conference was given to Bishops Jude Arogundade and Emmanuel Badejo of Oyo Diocese at the last Ibadan Provincial Bishops Meeting at Ado Ekiti. The purpose is to follow up the National Pro-Life and Family Conference held in Abuja in June 2014. It is also a response to the pervasive promotion of the culture of deviant sexual relationships, contraception and murder endangering family life and values by powerful organizations and individuals in Nigeria. Even in our schools a Western style sex education is being surreptitiously but aggressively promoted which ostensibly is to free youth and children from the influence of parents guardians and religious leaders in their understanding and use of their sexuality. The danger is obvious and the Church needs to stand up and speak up to protect, enlighten guide and help our families and peoples. In order to initiate the task we secured the collaboration of Fr. Ezekiel Owoeye of the archdiocese of Ibadan and we have worked also with Archbishop of Ibadan, Most Reverend Gabriel Abegunrin.  The following are some proposals.

TOPIC: Human Life, Family Values and the Culture of Murder (This may yet be slightly modified).


The Conference is proposed to hold from April Sunday 12th till the afternoon of Tuesday 14th at the Conference Centre of the University of Ibadan  Catholic Chaplaincy with 1000 persons capacity. Ibadan and the University chaplaincy were chosen because of the city's relevance to our Province, its concentration of academic institutions, academic community, media, religious communities, seminaries and other institutions that will be of relevance to an effective exercise. With  the archbishop, we have also secured the use of the Seminary of Ss Peter and Paul, Ibadan for the accommodation of the participants.

The date was chosen with the input of our main partner Obianuju Ekeocha, Founder of Culture of Life Africa International from England and other proposed international collaborators. With the consent of the Archbishop a letter of invitation for visas has been endorsed to the resource persons some of whom have already confirmed their presence and have offered to fund their own tickets. We expect about 8 of them to be accommodated in the guest house of the University.

Planning Committee:

The Ibadan Province Bishops Conference has approved that a small central planning committee be set up with at least a representative from every diocese for facility of information circulation. The representative/s  of each diocese will also set up a sub-committee in their dioceses to ensure  that all relevant segments of our dioceses participate in the Conference. Some priests from Lagos archdiocese who have expressed interest in the Conference will be represented by Msgr. Jerome Oduntan. Other relevant and resourceful individuals can then be co-opted.

Participants to be invited : 

Priests, Religious Church Sodalities and Societies, CMO, CWO, The Youth,  CAN, Muslims, Chaplains and Students of Tertiary Institutions and Secondary Schools. Catholic Principals and Teachers, FECAMDS, Catholic Lawyers, the Catholic Nurses Guild, Hospital/Clinic Matrons, Seminaries, Politicians Royal Fathers, Health Ministry, Public Health, Labour Unions, Diocesan Human and Family Life Commissions, NACC, Youth Chaplains... 

Special Organizations

The Public Media, The Catholic Media, Catholic Artistes and Entertainers Association of Nigeria CAEAN, Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria, Lumen Christi Television.

Proposed Programme

Sunday morning: Resource persons at  Mass in Ibadan

Sunday evening: A stakeholders familiarization dinner: Bishops, resource persons, Sodalities officers. Select Media.

Monday morning: Press Conference, Pro Life March Opening Ceremony, Conference

Monday evening:  Creative/Artistic Evening (Seminary Auditorium/ Conference Hall)

Tuesday morning: Conference/Voice of Youth Leaders

Tuesday afternoon: Closing Ceremonies.

Importance of the Conference

United Nations Organizations  and local pro-choice groups openly promoting a culture of contraception, abortion and gay unions in the name of freedom have finally come out in the open. Their opinions are openly advertised now in the media, radio, T.V and papers. Pentecostal Churches, for some reasons are complicit in this, some of their leaders having been present in Abuja when the culture of murder organizations gathered recently in Abuja at the adoption of the controversial National Health Bill. The Catholic Church remains the only possible advocate of the truth for the sanctity of human life and the integrity of the family and we must not shy away from this sacred duty.

This is the most important jointly hosted event by our Province since a long time having direct relevance on the society and general public. Some of the biggest Catholic Prolife International Organizations are taking us seriously and are therefore sending their big shots. (Society for the Protection of the Unborn Child, SPUC, Culture of Life Africa, Human Life International HLI and C-Fam). We have also secured the presence of a young vibrant polish priest who is doing wonderful work in Ghana schools building a culture of chastity. Our Youth Chaplains and Coordinators have great resource to exploit in him. All these were at Abuja for the CBCN Pro-Life/Pro-Family Conference.  

This Conference also has direct relevance to the current concern of the entire Church for family life through the forthcoming Synod of Bishops on the Family

Budget for the Conference

Money will be needed for secretariat, conference facility, honoraria for resource persons, movement logistics and errands before, proximate to and during the Conference. Accommodation and boarding costs for resource persons will also be covered.  While we source for sponsorship each diocese has agreed to make a basic contribution of 200,000.00 naira. Religious Congregations are also admonished to make a generous contribution. The Provincial Bishops ask each Provincial Organization/Society CMO, Laity, CWO, CCRN, Knights, etc. to contribute 250,000.00 naira. Some select philanthropists/groups will also be asked for a little sponsorship. Church diocesan and provincial institutions shall make a generous contribution to support this as well. Whichever way, we guarantee you accountable planning and execution of the Conference.

All payments should please be made to



Thank you


Most Reverend Emmanuel Ade Badejo

Bishop of Oyo