Posted on: 2015-08-20

What is our joy?

Ohun ti agba lagba fi nje eko, abe ewe lo wa! That is how the Church expresses mystery. It is a mystery that in this unbelieving world we are still attracted to Mary. Thank God for our faith and grace (Heb.11:1). My dear people, keep believing and we shall have the crown of life Rev. (2:10). We know that if we listen to Mary who said "Do whatever he tells you", all shall be well as it was at Cana of Galilee (Jn 2:).


The farmer's donkey

One day a certain farmer's donkey fell into a well. The animal cried for hours while the farmer tried to figure out what to do. Finally, desperate, he decided that the animal was old anyway and he did not want to waste money trying to get it out. So he got people to help him cover up the well and end the animal's misery and noise. They agreed to help and began to shovel soil into the well. The donkey, realizing what they were doing, cried horribly and after some time fell silent. Then they heaped more loads of sand believing the donkey now dead.

Finally the well filled up almost to the top and the workers were astonished at seeing the donkey at the top. For every shovel of soil hitting his back the donkey would shake well and take one step up. Then eventually near the top he stepped over the top and ran away. Valuable "donkey" lesson for us all when the difficulties and challenges of life assail us!

Life, circumstances or people may be shoveling dirt on you. What you do in that situation is a matter of faith. Believe that each of your troubles is a stepping stone. Instead of moaning and complaining, know that you can get out of the deepest well by not giving up but by simply stepping up. Never give up, shake it off and step up... just like Mary.


Learning from Mary

That is how she became the Assumption. Look at all the troubles of Mary's life, from the conception of Jesus up to the Cross it was trouble and tribulations. But did she give up? No! She shook it all off and stepped higher. The troubling annunciation, the presentation in the temple, the request at Cana, the finding in the Temple, seeking Jesus out, and then Calvary...all brought trouble... Mary shook it all off and became the victorious woman who conquered the fearsome dragon (Rev. 12). After all the trouble she was preserved to be with the Church at the very beginnings.


Our troubles will expire too

Saint Paul assures us in the 2nd reading today about Jesus; "For he will reign until he has put all his enemies under his feet. The last enemy to be destroyed is death. For God has put all things in subjection under his feet (1Cor 15: 27). Certainly, such is the faith that kept Mary going until she became the victorious Assumption.  We can be like her. Illness, unemployment, childlessness, betrayal, poverty, corruption, all can be turned to stepping stones for victory. Not even the modern world's incomprehensible anti-family values like homosexuality, pleasure at all cost, relativism of today can defeat and derail a faithful person. "Who can separate us from the love of Christ"? Paul cried out (Rom 8:35).


But we must play our part.

We must play our part as Jesus played his. Live holy lives. Archbishop Fulton Sheen, once said, any pain can be dealt with by looking at the three crosses on Calvary, especially the cross of Christ in the middle. Jesus took the cross, an absurd symbol, put himself on it and emptied it of all destructive powers. He turned it into a channel of victory. If you love me "take up your cross and follow me" Good Friday is the way to Easter Sunday, the crown of thorns is the certificate for glory. Use your current pains as a channel of glory. That is what Mary assumed into heaven did so well.