Headline: In Restoration of Humanity

Posted on: 2015-08-20

God commanded creation into being

The Bible account of creation practically shows God ordering creation into being. God said, let there be light and there was light". He spoke and it came to pass. God clearly put order in creation and it is verifiable. In creation one can establish a measure of predestination, night follows day as surely as death ends every life. Certain cycles are firmly set and are beyond man to establish. Rain and sunshine, cold and heat, what goes up coming down, are well accepted as laws of nature. God questioned holy Job at the conclusion of his lamentations: "Where were you when I founded the earth? Answer and show me your knowledge.... Have you ever commanded the morning or shown the dawn its place...? (Job 38:2ff). Here was God establishing his authority and the order which he put into creation.

With man God is no dictator

In creating man, God  modified His tactics, deliberately halting the cycle of creation, the "let there be", before creating man. God actually deliberated on his action before creating man. "Let us make man in our image, to our likeness" (Gen. 1:26). That very act separated man from the rest of creation and put him on a different pedestal. Given that God "reasoned" before creating man, it is reasonable to consider man the only rational belong of all creation. He was like unto no other but God Himself. Even in the process of the salvation of man, God was democratic, giving man a role to play. He loved the world, Yes! He sent his only Son, Yes! (Jn. 3:16). However to attain salvation man must play his part. God gave him the gift of freedom so that he can choose. From the Christian viewpoint even the laws and commandments of God are eloquent evidence that man is free to choose his pleasure and fancy. Those laws exist only guide him to choose right for his ultimate good. A philosopher once said that the sin of God is to have created man free. Had man not been free he would not mess up God's creation as he often does. God chose not to be a dictator. His commandments are only established to help man to be the best of what he was created to be, that is, fully human  

The deconstruction of man

Unfortunately, the last few decades have seen the progressive deconstruction of humanity. Rather than man becoming fully human new ideologies, practices and processes have emerged to make him the contrary. Before our age, reflection on humanity provoked thoughts of mystery. Science even increased the aura of awe. How could the world be populated by over 6 billion people and no two of them are exactly the same, not even in their fingerprints or DNA? Man is nothing short of wonderful and mysterious. Even the psalmist cried out to God. "I thank you for the wonders of my being" (Ps 139:14). But if man was being progressively elevated by the discoveries of science, even much more has man been devalued by the aggressive actualizations of ideologies which disestablish God and religion from the public mind. The less of God there is, surely even less of man there is bound to be. Religion, not just the law, helps to secure genuine respect for the dignity of human beings. The law may coerce people to respect each other's rights. Authentic religion moulds them to willingly do so.

Humanity dismembered

Today, the deconstruction of the mystery of humanity is evident. Man, inhuman to his fellow human, has practically legitimized the violation and desecration of other human beings from the womb to the tomb. Mother Teresa once affirmed that if the baby in the womb is not safe, no one outside of it can truly be. The media frequently reports gruesome and persistent aggression against the most defenseless members of human society. Even some parents, the most natural protectors and defenders of infants and children have joined the enemy, making the homes dangerous and unsafe for their own children. The excuses for the aggression against children are limitless; anger, discipline, poverty,  joblessness, superstition, devil possession etc. Babies are sold into slavery and uncertainty or even hawked as body parts to wicked "ritualists". Many young people are raped or sold into the slavery. Life is made so difficult for others that they fight to travel into enslavement abroad, often to a world of no return. Women surrender themselves for prostitution and all manners of evil violation of their bodies for money and not even the elderly are spared. Nor do corpses even in the grave escape the interest of fetish head hunters. The prayer, "Rest in peace" has indeed turned out to be more than an empty cliché.   

Dignity and man's rehabilitation

It is absolutely necessary that all who appreciate humanity reaffirm in every possible way,  the dignity of every human being as one created in the image and likeness of God. It is in fact only by doing this that humanity can return to sanity and save itself from self destruction. No religion or race can ignore this way out without dangers. For Christians, the reason is more compelling. The Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC)  teaches that:  "It is in Christ,  'the image of the invisible God' that man has been created  'in the image and likeness' of the Creator....The divine image is present in every man. It shines forth in the communion of persons, in the likeness of the union of the divine persons among themselves" (No 1701-1702, Gen 1:26). The bottom line is very simple, every human being violated is an assault on the Creator. Such acts cannot pass without serious consequences. The need to restore man to full dignity is indeed an urgent one.