Posted on: 2015-12-13
Source: Comms Dept, Oyo Diocese

On the 5th of May 2015, the Holy See Press office presented to the public,"The Extra Ordinary Year of Mercy". The Year of Mercy was inaugurated on the 8th of December by Pope Francis in Rome and the Holy Door of Mercy was also opened in Rome. The Holy Door is a special door at St. Peter's Basilica in Rome which is a symbolic sign of spiritual renewal.

Just as the pilgrims in Rome walked from Castel Sant'Angelo to the Holy Door in Rome, The Bishop, Priests, Religious and thelay faithful of the Catholic Diocese of Oyo walked from the Old Cathedral Church now Bishop Adelakun Hall to the Holy door at the new Cathedral Building.

The event started in the hall where the poeple of God from every corner of the diocese were already gathered waiting for the spiritual walk to be led by the Bishop. The Bishop explained to all, what the year of mercy was all about; extracts from the "Bull of Indiction" was read and explained to people in English and the local language.

The Gospel was read and was followed by the spiritual walk led by the alter servers and the deacon bearing the cruxifix then followed by the priest bearing the book of the gospel and then the Bishop and the other Priests present then followed by the pilgrims to the Holy Door.

The Bishop prayed over the people before entering the door. The Bishop then took over the Book of the Gospel and led the people into the Church while the Choir sang the Hymn for the Jubilee Year of Mercy and other songs of joy.

At the altar, the Bishop Blessed the water for the purification of the people, The Bishop and the Priests sprinkled the holy water over all present for the penitential rite while the Celebration of the Holy Mass continued after.

The Door of Mercy was announced to be open from 10am till 6pm everyday during this year of Mercy for pilgrims to come and prayerfully pass through the door.