Posted on: 2016-03-15
Source: Fr. Michael Falade

"Behold  A Voice in the wilderness"

As it in customary of Catholics Clergies and lay-faithful, the season of Lent is often maximized in engaging themselves in spiritual activities, revolving around prayer, fast and almsgiving which are geared towards introspection aimed at total renewal Oyo diocesan annual Presbytarial Retreat of 2016 held from the 6th to the 11th of March and was preached by Very Revd. Fr. George Ehusani. Fr. led Oyo Bishops and Priests in wondering about the pest of aversion for the cross by the New Age Churches and pastors and worshippers, who proffers cross less Christianity which leads to embracing "a religion without sacrifice".

Fr. Ehusani proposed that we look towards nurturing a vibrant Christian spirituality which propels us to refocus, re-strategize and witness effectively through the awareness of our creative energies and direct it towards making Christian values such as, fear of God, respect for human dignity and being sensitive to the needs of others, ingredients of living, otherwise we risk producing gigantic institutions and structures and rob our ego with the balm of delusion of numbers: numerous Church goers but very few Christians!