News : Oyo Dioceseat the CBCN 2nd Plenary

Posted on: 2016-09-21
Source: Comms Dept, Oyo Diocese

It was a wonderful encounter on the 11th of September as the Ibadan provincial laity representatives converged at the Pastoral Center, Akure for an interactive session with the CBCN in the course of their second plenary for the year 2016. Questions and clarifications on Mixed Marriage, reception of Holy Communion under both species, Evangelization, Participation of Catholics in CAN activities, Education system in Nigeria e.g scraping of CRS from school syllabus, the Co-responsibility of laity in the work of evangelization and active participation in secular matters, grazing reserve etc were made. The Bishops emphasised the necessity of the laity to always and promptly give right information about the state matters for quick and proper intervention by the Church. Our Diocese of Oyo was duly and actively represented by sixteen laity members and two priests. It was indeed a fruitful encounter.