News : 2014 CHRISM MASS

Posted on: 2014-04-16
Source: Communications Dept., Oyo Diocese

The procession to the Sanctuary by the ministers assisting at the altar, deacons, priests and bishop started at about 10:05 AM. The Chief celebrant was His Lordship, Most Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Adetoyese Badejo (Catholic Bishop of Oyo Diocese); flanked by Msgr. Emmanuel Bolaji Yakubu (the Vicar General of the Catholic Diocese of Oyo and the Parish Priest of St. Anne Catholic Church, Iganna) and Rev. Fr. Jude Dominic Igba CMF (The Associate priest of St. Lawrence Catholic Church, Saki).
At the introduction of the Mass, the Chief Celebrant prayed for peace to reign in Nigeria especially in the Northern part of the country and that God should console the families of the deceased persons. He also prayed for all of us present for the Chrism Mass and for our families that the power of God might continue to be manifested in our lives.
The First Reading was taken by Mr. Lawrence Oyekunle in English from the Prophecy of Isaiah 61:1-3.6.8-9, the Psalm was taken by the choir while the Second reading was taken by Rev. Sr. Chidera Ogbonna in Yoruba. Rev. John ‘Toye Olayiwola read the Gospel from the Holy Gospel according to Luke 4:16-21 in both English and Yoruba languages.
In his Homily, Bishop Badejo quoted the Gospel according to Luke 4:21 “This text is been fulfilled today even as you listen”. He then greeted the Emeritus Bishop of Oyo, Most Rev. Dr. Julius Babatunde Adelakun, Msgr. E. B. Yakubu, all the priests especially, Nevy Lt. Fr. Richmond Diala of the Nigerian Navy and Rev. Fr. Patrick Oladele, a spiritual director at SS Peter and Paul Major Seminary, Ibadan and the people of God. He continued with the homily saying that “Jesus said: ‘the Spirit of the Lord is upon me to preach the liberty to the poor’, may the Lord liberate us all from all the troubles and problems of this world.” The kingdom which Christ preached was a kingdom of peace where everything will be perfect and the function of a priest is to proclaim the Good News of that kingdom of peace, pray for people, visit them and bless them. Why do we need priest especially in this moment of trouble and sorrow? The period where the only news you hear on media or read on papers are bad news? Those who died in the bomb blast in Abuja yesterday never expected nor believed they were going to die. We are suffering from leprosy but we are treating eczema.
He continued by saying that “military strategy, psychological and medical support will try their best in solving our present problems but they do not have all the solutions to our problems. We are here because the Lord says ‘in the world you shall be faced with trials and difficulties but do not worry for I have conquered the world”. The evil we talk about began in one man’s heart. If we can heal a human heart, everything will be all right. If everything about the man is right, the world will be a better place. What should we do?
This is the reason why Christ instituted the priesthood. The function of the priest is not to carry gun and to fight. It is to make peace. At the last Supper, Christ told the disciples to make Eucharist in His memory. In all the sacraments of the Church, we receive healing; Baptism washes our sins away, Eucharist feeds us with Spiritual food, Matrimony unites the husband and wife, even a celibate cannot do the work alone; that is why we have the people of God.
However, he explained the functions of oils we have in the Church when he says, “there are different kinds of oil now. We even have what some crooks even called anointing water and people buy it. Read Is 55: 2 ‘why spend money on what does not satisfy? Why spend your wages and still be hungry? Listen to me and do what I say and you will enjoy the best food of all’. We need to seek God when He is near. Many Catholics today don’t treasure the oil that the Bishop and all the priests gathered to bless and it is for this reason that they buy all sorts of oil from evil men of the world and have bought misfortunes’ and troubles with their money. Here is the oil that is free and works for healing and salvation of all souls.
When Christ was coming to the world, he chose the simplest way though he could have used other ways. Moses was punished because he chose to use extra ordinary way to do the work of God and as a result, he did not reach the Promised Land. Do not doubt God. He will give you peace. “The world says ‘Seeing is believing’ but God says ‘happy are those who do not see, yet, believe”.
To the priests he said “while we try to heal the wounded world, we must know that we are wounded too because of our sins. Let us put our trust in God and pray for one another and for ourselves. When last do we pray Mass for ourselves and brother priest? Only the heart that truly loves can be a priest. Jesus said to Peter ‘do you love me ... Take care of my sheep”.
To the people of God, as the evil increases in the world, the work of priest is increasing. There are many priests who are taking care of the orphans, widows, poor et cetera. Our priests too are in need of our prayers. We must do the commandment of God that priests teach us. We must be on our guard. The most important thing is the salvation of our souls. May the Holy Spirit strengthen your faith and may God’s protection follow you wherever you go. Amen.
After the homily, the renewal of priestly vows was made by the bishop and all the priests. This was followed by the Deacons bringing in the oils in the following order: Oil for the sick – Rev. Moses Alaba; Oil of Catechumen – Rev. Julius Olayinka and Oil of Chrism – Rev. Clement Isola. Each of the oils was accompanied by nurses, catechumen and seminarians respectively with the background song “O Redeemer…” The oils were consecrated by the Bishop and all the priests.
After the Eucharistic celebration and post Communion prayer, there was a general thanksgiving procession by all present, gifts of thanksgiving were brought in procession to the altar. Msgr. Emmanuel Yakubu prayed over the people.
His Lordship, Most Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Badejo appreciated everybody present at this year’s Chrism Mass and for their active participation: the priests, Sisters, Catechists, prayer leaders, choir, Altar Servers, Lay Readers and the entire congregation.
The Mass came to conclusion with the final blessing at exactly 2.30PM.