Posted on: 2014-10-27
Source: Communications Department of Oyo Diocese

6 new Catechists were commissioned in Oyo Diocese on the 25th October 2014 at St Patrick Catholic Church Fiditi. It was a great day in the life of the people of Oyo diocese as the new Catechists were commissioned into the service of the Church and the diocese also rejoiced with those that were 25 years as Catechists. The exercise commenced with the Holy Mass at St. Patrick Catholic church at 11am celebrated by the Bishop of the Diocese, Most Rev. Emmanuel Adetoyese Badejo who was assisted by Rev. Fr. Michael Oyedare (Host Parish Priest), Fr. Samson Ojo and other concelebrating priests.

Before the Mass began, the Director of Religious Education of Oyo Diocese Rev. Sr. Helen Ajayi, introduced those to be commissioned as Catechists as follows; Mr Fapohunda Clement, Mr John Atilola, Mr Samuel Igboke, Mr Ferdinand Odoh, Mr Christopher Odejobi and Mr Anthony Odesola. She also introduced the three Catechists that were celebrating their 25 years as Catechists; Catechists Dominic Olawoore, Sylvester Asana and  Peter Ojeniyi.

The Bishop, after the Gospel reading officially commissioned the new Catechists and they were officially welcomed into the fold as teachers of faith.

The Bishop, in his homily expressed sincere appreciation to the Creator, to all Catechists, past and present, for the good work they are doing in bringing people closer to God. He then asked that Catechists should be seen actually as “Baba Ijo” because of the nature of their work in the spiritual upbringing of the Church.

He later congratulated the newly commissioned Catechists and thanked those that were celebrating their 25 years as Catechists.

He then admonished the new Catechists not to think they have known it all but to realise that this is the beginning of learning more about the doctrine and faith of the Church. 

He used the first letter of St Paul to the Corinthians, chapter 9 verse 16 that they should not rejoice as Jesus told his disciple in this Gospel reading that the devil bowed for them but they should  rejoice that there names have been written in the book of life. He further stressed the need to be clean in mind, soul and body as cleaningness is next to Godliness. He encouraged them to always make the Church, the sanctuary and all the premises in the church to be clean. He also appreciated the Catechists in the past and present as they are the pillars of faith who have trained a lot of people including Bishops, Priests and good people in the society. He thanked all those who had assisted the new Catechists during their training as teachers and also the Rev. Sr. in charge.

Shortly after the homily, the Catechists who clocked 25 years renewed their promises in front of the Bishop. This was followed by general thanksgiving.

The Holy Mass was brought to a close with a blessing by the Bishop who led everybody to the reception which followed immediately.