Posted on: 2015-10-01
Source: Rev. Fr. Benjamin Jolasun, Pastoral Secretary Cath

In view of the need to have credible sources of news and resources on the African Church's perspective on contemporary pastoral issues,  the  Catholic News Agency of Africa (CANAA) and the website of the Symposium of Episcopal Conferences of Africa and the Madagascar (SECAM) are now active and functional. While CANAA has bee running for some time the SECAM website has just been updated. The website address is: or simply type SECAM in your browser. Click your language choice. You can then read to your pleasure the reflections and opinions of African Church scholars and leaders on the site. These two platforms  will continue to render credible service to the Church and peoples in Africa and beyond. They will especially feature  contents of the forthcoming Synod on the Family and other related and relevant issues. Seasoned African personnel and dignitaries will be contributing to issues and your own write-up/articles and opinions too are welcome especially on the Synod for the entire world to access. Your contributions can simply be forwarded to the secretary of the CEPACS (French acronym for Commission Episcopale Africaine de la Communication Sociales) African Episcopal Commission for Social Communications, Mr. Ben Assorow via the e-mail: or
>You are all called upon to use to maximum this veritable platform of the agency. Diocesan and or Personal websites could also be linked to the aforementioned website though with a token fee if you so request. The news agency could also be patronized with news and stories through Fr Don Bosco Onyalla (  Most Revd E.A. Badejo, the Bishop of Oyo Diocese is the Chairman of CEPACS and a member of the Standing Committee of SECAM.